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Let me help you with your questions.

Right now, you are probably faced with dozens of challenging decisions. Perhaps you need help sorting out your status as an immigrant or non-immigrant in the United States.

Need help protecting your home from foreclosure or your vehicle from repossession? Are you considering a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Have you run into employment conflicts because of your service in the Guard or Reserve? Are you facing a conflict between your military duty and a civil lawsuit?

You might have a boundary dispute with your neighbor. Are you planning on starting a business? Maybe you need help with an agreement between landlord and tenant.

Is it time to look toward a separation from your spouse or to modify some existing orders from family court? Thinking about a will or power of attorney for estate planning? Or perhaps you need a plan to take care of a tax debt or to explore other options for consumer debt relief.

Being a good citizen means knowing your rights, knowing your responsibilities, and making sure you know where each of these begin and end. We belong to a Nation of laws, and a good lawyer can help you continue to be a good citizen.

I understand that your case is different from anyone else, and I will respect those differences by giving you individualized service.

No reputable attorney will promise you miracles, but I can help you understand your options as you face difficult decisions; and once you make your decisions, I can help you complete the process and help make sure your rights and options are protected.

I am licensed to practice law in Washington State; and here in Idaho, I am connected to dozens of colleagues who support one another with a system of reliable referrals. My offices are based in Boise, Idaho, and I focus on federal matters. I provide professional legal services in Immigration and Naturalization; Tax Debt Resolution; Bankruptcy; ERISA, e-Verify, and other Employment Regulations; Civil Rights; and Veterans Rights, including Veterans' re-employment rights claims, SCRA, and personnel matters, including DADT policy.

I am also affiliated with full-service law offices in Idaho, Washington State, Montana, and Colorado, along with dozens of specialty attorneys around the country. If I cannot offer expertise on your specific issue, I would value the opportunity to introduce you to another reputable lawyer who provides services like I do: efficiently, economically, and ethically – and who always remembers that the Client comes first.
I am proud to be a home-based professional. This enables me to address your work quickly, and it translates into lower fees and higher responsiveness. If you call my number, you will speak to me. This flexibility also means that I am able to meet with you during a normal work day, in the evenings, or weekends, depending on your schedule – and I am family friendly, so your little ones can play while we discuss legal issues.